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How to Fix Disk-based Queries and High Disk Usage in Amazon Redshift

This is a cross-posting from https://www.intermix.io/blog/how-to-fix-disk-based-queries-amazon-redshift/ Table of Contents The WLM and Disk-Based queriesHow to Prevent Queries From Going Disk-basedIntermediate StorageWays to Limit the Amount of Intermediate Storage Used.Impact to Cluster Storage UtilizationConclusionProperly managing storage utilization is critical to performance and optimizing the cost

Amazon Redshift

Improving Amazon Redshift Performance: Our Data Warehouse Story

This is a cross-posting from https://medium.com/udemy-engineering/improving-amazon-redshift-performance-our-data-warehouse-story-5ec1282c13d8#:~:text=The concept is simple%3A for,EVEN%2C ALL%2C and KEY. Credit: pixabay.comIt is challenging to manage an optimized Amazon Redshift cluster. Scaling the cluster to meet your growing storage and computation needs while maintaining optimized performance

Amazon Redshift

Improve Amazon Redshift COPY performance: Don’t ANALYZE on every COPY

This is a cross-posting from https://www.intermix.io/blog/improve-redshift-copy-performance/ Table of Contents IntroductionImproving Redshift COPY Performance: The COPY CommandImproving Redshift COPY Performance: What is “UPSERT”?Improving Redshift COPY Performance: Eliminating Unnecessary QueriesIntroductionAmazon Redshift is an excellent choice for cloud data warehousing—but how do you move your data